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A Medical Expert Witness Resource
Providing expert witnesses for case review, deposition, and trial testimony in all specialties for plaintiff and defense cases.
Expert legal, medical, and scientific research.
American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
"A not for profit membership organization dedicated to the professional enhancement and growth of registered nurses practicing in the specialty area of legal nurse consulting and to advancing this nursing specialty."
Ardea Consulting
"Provides science-based consulting services specializing in ecological risk assessments, avian and wildlife toxicology and ecotoxicology; provides technical solutions to address regulatory and other ecological or environmental toxicology issues."
Atlanta Trial Lawyers
The Atlanta, Georgia law firm of Allen L. Broughton, P.C. represents individuals in serious personal injury and wrongful death claims resulting from car or truck accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, premises accidents and toxic substances.
Martin L. Bell, M.D., J.D.
An experienced expert witness in general medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, hair restoration surgery, and burns.
Michael A. Brook,
Ph.D. Consulting organic and polymer chemist offering expert witness services in organic and polymer synthesis, silanes (coupling agents), and silicones.
Harvey Cantor
Pediatric Neurology Expert
"Care Cap, Incorporated is a legal nurse consulting and expert witness location firm designed to provide law firms, healthcare providers, and insurance companies wit the investigative tools and knowledgeable resources necessary to ensure success in the litigation process."
Chartered Capital Advisers, Inc
Business valuation and financial advisory services
Corbett Toxicology
Consultant and expert witness in chemical toxicology and carcinogenesis based in Omaha.
Dental Expert
Dental Expert Witness Directory
ERGO/GERO Expert Witness Services
in human factors error in road, medical, and other accidents. Specialists in intellectual property and trademark infringement litigation.
Essential Edge
Expert Forensic Psychiatry and Medicine
Harvard Medical School's graduate & senior faculty, expert medicine & psychiatry/law & ethics web site. A free educational resource for health and legal professionals and the general public.
Forensic DNA Experts
Forensic DNA Experts is a professional forensic DNA and expert witness testimony firm. Experienced with State, Federal, and Military Courts and accepted as an expert in Forensic DNA, Serology (biological stain testing), Crime Scenes, and Paternity. Free case evaluation available.
Forensic Neuropsychology
Licensed psychologist.
Forensic Panel Letter
is updated throughout the week with commentaries from doctors, professors, and experts who provide an insider feel on recent higher court decisions and scientific research. Their database also features hundreds of articles and other original content on forensic behavioral sciences, DNA, toxicology, and pathology freely available.
Forensic Psychology Associates
Specializing in Trial Consultation
Fyler Associates
Legal Nurse Consultants
Dr. Maurice Godwin
Crime scene analysis, crime scene reconstruction, criminal profiling, defense consultancy.
Susan Gootnick, M.D.
Radiology Expert Witness, Medical Director of Women's Imaging for a hospital in Central California
Health Capital Consultants
Providing technical litigation support services and assistance to legal counsel focused on healthcare transactions, such as valuation, anti-trust issues, fraud and abuse, compensation disputes and other types of cases containing complex legal, financial, and healthcare industry issues.
Healthcare Litigation Support
Healthcare Litigation Support is a team of healthcare expert witnesses - physicians, healthcare administrators, reimbursement specialists, health organization experts, health insurance experts, and other healthcare personnel, with broad, extensive experience and expertise in medical and healthcare topics.
Healthcare Negligence Control, Inc.
Expert witness for all health entities.
International Medical Litigation Consultants
Providing consulting services to personal injury and plaintiff medical malpractice lawyers and their clients. Our core service is screening for the strengths and weaknesses of suits or potential suits from the medical perspective. With 24 years broad based clinical experience, and 11 years of full-time medicolegal consulting, Dr John Limbert, Canadian consultant in legal medicine, is recognized as an industry leader, and has advised over 850 Lawyers, on more than 3000 cases.
Kemic Bioresearch
Provides consulting services and extensive expert experience in pharmacology and toxicology (occupational, clinical, and forensic aspects).
Lee, Matthew C.
Expert Witness in Medicine, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics, Pharmcology
Litigation Strategies Group
Strategic case and records reviews. Educate attorneys on the scientific, medical, and technological aspects of their cases.
Margolin Brain Istitute
Provides neurology consultation services and conducts clinical research in neurology and psychiatry
Mark R. McDermott,
Ph.D. Consulting Immunologist. Consultant and expert witness in immunology, vaccines, mucosal immunity, immunodiagnotic tests.
Mehul B. Anjaria
forensic serology/DNA consultant
Medical Concerns
Medical Lawsuit Analysis
Medical Literature
Medical-Legal Art
Medical Malpractice Expert Witness Directory
Medical Legal Spider
Medical Legal Spider takes raw, unorganized medical records and gives you an easy to use, organized medical file or factual summary in the exact format that works best for your firm.
Medical Opinion
Network of physicial specialists and institutions offering second medical opinion and expert witness reports.
Medicine & Psychiatry Expert
Med-mal Experts, Inc.
Greg Kane, MD is a board-certified internal medicine doctor who practices malpractice consulting full time. He also refers attorneys to medical school clinical faculty experts.
"Independent psychological and neuropsychological examinations. Disability examinations. Traumatic brain injury."
New Horizon Medical Legal
"I am a Legal Nurse Consultant providing services for medical malpractice, personal injury, worker's compensation, toxic torts and product liability. I have over 25 years combined clinical and consulting services."
North American Medical Jurisprudence
Professionals in both the medical and legal fields.
Valeria V. Parisi RN LNC
Legal Nurse Consultant
Personal Injury Attorneys
Use this site to find personal injury attorneys in all 50 states. From LawInfo.
Pilko & Associates Inc.
is a management consulting firm specializing in environmental, health, and safety issues.
Placement Associates, Ltd/PA Experts
Physician Assistant Expert Witness
PRN Legal Nurse Corporation
Assisting attorneys with medical-related cases and locating expert witnesses.
Psychiatric and Psychological Experts
Psychiatry & Law Updates
Psychiatry and Psychiatry Forensic Expert
Radiation and Law -
We assist legal professionals, insurance companies and others in pursuing and defending radiation-related malpractice and injury cases, in investigating claims and lawsuits, and in understanding the applications of radiation in medicine, industry and research, including the effects of radiation exposure, state/federal regulations, and how and where radiation mis-administration or undesired exposure may occur. The principal is a PhD in applied medical and health physics, academically and clinically trained, experienced in medical and non-medical applications of radiation.
Registered Nurse Expert
Dr. Larry Shapiro
Experienced expert witness in hair restoration and hair transplant surgery.
Thomas A. Sharon, R.N., M.H.P.
Nursing & Patient Safety Expert, Life Care Plan, Medical Evidence Analysis, Medical Record Review, Legal Nurse Consultant, Litigation Support
Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group
Focusing on technology and patent litigation, we perform exhaustive searches for our clients to find the best experts for their specific needs. All expert witnesses offered are cleared of conflicts, available and vetted by Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group.
Tampa Accidental Injury, Criminal Defense, & Business Law Attorneys
Florida Accidental Injury, Criminal Defense, Dog Bites, Nursing Home Abuse, Slip-n-Fall, Wrongful Death, & Product Liability Case, represented with over 50 years of combined experience
Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services (TREWS)
Comprehensive expert services for litigators and expert witnesses.
Expert in Biochemical Toxicology and Pharmacology
Toxicology Labs, Inc.
Forensic toxicology for attorneys.
Roundtable of Toxicology Consultants
Independent consultants.
Pogos Voskanian, M.D.
Certified by the ABPN in Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry as qualified to perform a wide range of forensic psychiatric evaluations. Also fluent in Russian and Armenian.
Medicine & Psychiatry Expert
Developed by the co-Director of the Psychiatry and Law Program at Harvard Medical School.
MedicoLegal Consultants
Medical Expert Referral Firm
Expert Medical Literature Research for Attorneys. MedMatters helps attorneys win medical cases by providing expert medical literature research to strengthen and substantiate the testimonies of medical experts. Providing cement and concrete consulting and a full range of litigation support services.

General Experts & Consulting

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The Advocates
A firm of trial consultants and jury consultants with offices in 17 major U.S. cities.
Accessibility Development Associates, Inc.
Consulting firm specializing in compliance, with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR)
founded in 1990 to establish the minimum requirements needed to practice as a certified traffic accident reconstructionist. Certification exams offered.
Advanced Insurance Management
Provide expert testimony on commercial insurance, particularly Workers Compensation insurance.
"An online database featuring profiles of expert witnesses," includes veterinary expert witnesses.
American Academy of Forensic Science
"Devoted to the improvement, the administration, and the achievement of justice through the application of science to the processes of law."
Americana Safety Associates, Inc.
"A full-service safety consulting and litigation support firm."
Applied Technical Services, Inc.
Multidiscipline private testing lab providing expert services in accident reconstruction and simulation, forensic engineering, product liability, failure analysis, workplace accidents, fires/explosions, metallurgy, chemistry and related areas.
Aptech Engineering Services, Inc
Metallurgy, Failure Analysis, Expert Consultants
Associated Legal Research Services of Texas
Providing expert testimony and legal research. Will travel nationwide.
Athena Research & Consulting
Offers consulting and expert witness services in the area of firearms and ballistics. Service available for criminal and civil litigation assignments. World class, court qualified expert with excellent credentials. Nationwide service. Firearms, ballistics, and wound ballistics. Case strategy, range / caliber determination, performance testing, ballistic matching, failure analysis (firearm & ammunition), wound analysis, crime / accident scene reconstruction (inc video)
Alan Barbour's Forensic Toxicology Page
A guide to experts, laboratories and forensic toxicology links.
Ken Barnes
Expert Witness-Law Enforcement, Jails, Prisons. Professor of the Administration of Justice providing expert reports and testimony, plaintiff/defense, civil or criminal.
Banking Consultant & Expert Witness
"Expert witness in banking, finance, business valuation, economic damages, real estate, investment, securities, bankruptcy preference, and related areas."
BCL Immigration Services
Immigration Experts to English Speaking Countries
Bench & Bar Experts
Legal professionals with over 25 years of experience with the selection, vetting, and training of expert witnesses.
Bloomberg Consulting
Bloomberg Consulting is a forensic engineering consulting firm that specializes in Accident Reconstruction, Motor Carrier Safety and DOT Compliance, and Rapid Response Inspections of accident vehicles and accident scenes; extracting and analyzing heavy truck and passenger vehicle "black box" data and reconstructing vehicle accidents to determine how they occurred.
Center for Forensic Economic Studies
Robert D. Carrow
Expertise in the Law of England & Wales
C.E.S Consulting Inc.
Case review and expert testimony. Expert on maintenance and operation of the Intoxilyzer 5000 Series. Drug recognition, retrograde extrapolation, and police procedures.
Climet Systems
Reconstruction of weather conditions for civil and criminal litigation. Expert testimony. Site investigations.
Collision Research Associates
Traffic accident investigation and reconstruction.
"'The Original' Computer Forensics and Computer Expert Witness Service"
Linda L. Collins
Forensic Document and Handwriting Examiner
Computer Forensics Network
Consolidated Consultants Co.
Referral Service
The Consus Group
Analyzes contracts, industries, and companies-providing critical intelligence for the business and legal communities.
Continental Hoisting Consultants
Specializing in Elevator and Escalators
Crash Data Services, LLC
Accident investigation, crash reconstruction, expert testimony, and crash data retrieval.
DJS associates
Forensic Consulting, Technology and Animations
Divorced from Justice
Provides a statement of right for litigants in divorce, and other information on consumer-related issues for litigants in divorce. Karen Winner, company president, is a qualified expert witness in legal malpractice cases involving the mistreatment of women by attorneys.
Document Examiner
James A. Green, Forensic Document Examiner
Domestic Violence Consultants and Expert Witness Directory
from ALMExperts
Donna Potter Consulting
Donna Potter Consulting (DPC) provides environmental consulting and compliance support, permit application development, agency negotiations, and a full array of various environmental, engineering, geotechnical, remediation, endangeres dpesices surveys and wetlands delineations, GIS and CADD services and has offices in Alpharetta, GA and in the Tampa area of Florida. We have 2 regular staff and over 25 independent consultants in our group of highly experienced and qualified professionals, scientists, and technicians.
Ecology and Environment, Inc.
"Founded in 1970, Ecology and Environment, Inc. (E & E) is a broad based environmental consulting, testing, engineering, and design firm operating from 27 U.S. offices and subsidiaries and affiliates around the world."
"For the past several decades, our technical staff has given expert testimony in courts and hearings and has provided litigation support on a wide variety of topics. These topics have included antitrust and liability cases, business and intellectual-property valuation, environmental damages and other natural-resource litigation, labor and employment law, trade and public-utility regulations, zoning and land use disputes, and tort law."
Electrical and Mechanical Engineer and Expert Witness
(Lawrence Kamm)
Environmental Insurance Claims Alliance (EICA)
evaluating of hazardous waste cleanup claims
Expert 4 Law
The Expert Institute
The Expert Institute, connects law firms with experts in a wide range of specialized fields. The core of our business is expert witness services with access to over 200,000 active experts.
Expert List
Hieros Gamos
Expert Resources, Inc.
Expert referral service since 1979 in all disciplines, nationwide.
Expert Witness
from LexisNexis
Expert Witness Directory
The UK's fastest growing online directory of Expert Witnesses
Expert Witness Network
Police practices and expert witness in cases involving the use of force and arrest protocols.
UK-based experts, expert witnesses and consultants. 3,000 profiles, 900 email addresses and 300 links.
Provides expert witnesses in over 50 scientific disciplines
Express Search Inc.
Patent and Trademark Services
Fair Opinion, Inc.
Information technology and computer software experts.
FEAmax: Engineering Solution (Finite Element Analysis)
Provide low cost and expert engineering consulting service in product design, test and mechanical analysis including FEA, CFD, CAD, etc. Expert witness in engineering analysis and performance test.
Forensic Construction Management
Construction-related delay damages, analysis of damages, pre preparation of delay and damage documentation, expert witnesses, and construction management training.
Forensics Guy
Forensic scientist specializing in firearms (ballistics) and DUI case review, testing, and expert witness testimony.
Forensic Strategy Services
Forensics as it relates to computers and data. Newsletter and services in trial consultation.
Forensic Meteorology Associates, Inc.
Nationwide, Full Service, Litigation Support, and Expert Testimony
ForensisGroup, Inc.
is a forensic engineering, construction.
Frankenfeld's Interactive Economics Page
Economic Consulting and Litigation Support
**website under construction as of 6.29.11
IEC&A (Investigative Engineering Consultants and Associates)
Electrical and Electronic Forensic and Investigative Engineering, Patent Infringement, Product teardowns, Reverse Engineering, Failure Analysis, and Expert Witness Services, for Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Industry. We specialize in electrical and electronic systems, products and devices.
Dr. Jed Friend
provides expert witness testimony in the areas of family and marital law, labor and management, personal injury (Vocational rehabilitation testing), and medical malpractice.
Futuretech Design
Forensic Mechanical Engineering Consultants providing Studies, Depositions, Reports, and Testimony for mechanical failures and agriculture.
GMR Transcription
"A one-stop solution for all kinds of transcription services. Our dedicated and experienced team handles your transcription jobs with the utmost professional care. Our primary goal is to provide a professional transcription service to you at affordable rates."
Gaceta Fiscal
Ofrece su apoyoy experiencia para complementar la actividad del profesional en el campo del asessoramiento empresarial. Actualizacion diaria, consultoria, serivicios documenetales y bases de datos, doctrina y jurisprudencia.
Global Visas
Provides up to date advice on immigration and visas.
Golden Gate Weather Services
Weather and Climate Research and Expert Testimony
Grassi & Co,
Grassi & Co. is a certified public accountant (CPA) form located in New York, with branches in New York City and in Jericho. We offer the following services to our clients: Accounting, tax compliance, business consulting, assurance, tax controversy, technology consulting, and other services.
John H. Hanst
Recreational Hazards Experts
Penny Harrington
Expert Witness.
Harris Technical Services
Accident Reconstruction Experts.
Henz Meteorological Services
Specializing in forensic meteorology for law firms and the insurance industry.
Hoffmann and Feige, Inc.
Failure Analysis and Quality Assurance
HGExperts Computer Expert Witness Directory
An array of specializations in computer, forensic and software expert witnesses.
Humatec – Ergonomics, Biomechanics, and Engineering Consulting
Humatec has over 400 years of combined experience providing expert technical services to attorneys throughout the United States on hundreds of cases. Our expert technical staff (20 experts of different technical fields) average over 25 years of experience in their respective field and stay current by providing consulting services to clients. Whether it is a question of "should I take on the case", and needing assistance with "what technical expertise is needed on the case", to assisting on the development of the case strategy and performing technical services, Humatec's experts are up to the tasks. Let us show you what makes Humatec's experts uniquely qualified to provide litigation support.
Michael H. Hodge & Associates, LLC
Full service security management consulting form located in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.
IMS Expert Services
IMS ExpertServices will quickly and precisely deliver the expert witness or case consultant that will make a difference for your case. IMS ExpertServices' innovative search service can be your single-source solution for the identification of the very best experts in narrow, conflict-rife specialties.
International Genealogical Search Inc.
Since 1967, International Genealogical Search Inc. has strived to become the leading North American heir search firm by means of providing "A Better Way" to find missing Heirs, Beneficiaries, Legatees, Stockholders, Class Action Claimants, and Intellectual Property-rights owners for the legal and trust communities.
Non-profit, free service funded by the European Community offering information in three languages dealing with intellectual property rights. Access to patent search engines such as the European Patent Organization's esp@cenet service (access to more than 30 million patents), documents including all EU Directives related to IPR and much more.
Ivey Engineering & Construction Services, Inc.
We provide litigation support (expert witness work, etc.) in the field of construction law.
JurisPro Expert Witness Directory
Jury Verdict
Jury Verdict Research
Do your due diligence! We create reports detailing verdicts and settlements for virtually any personal injury or liability, research your opponent’s expert witnesses, and help you find the experts you need.
Law Firm Pro
Matches Attorneys to Professional Legal Consultants
Legal Arts Multimedia, LLC
We provide demonstrative evidence for litigation graphics, animation, digital video, interactive programming).
Legal Art Works Provides effective visual presentations for a variety of legal situations.
Legal Expert Network
Locates expert witnesses in all fields nationwide with no obligation.
Legal Research Texas
National Legal Research Group
Legal Services from LexisNexis
Lexpert Research Services
Expert Witness Referral Service
Lifesaving Resources, Inc.
Aquatics Safety & Water Rescue. Provide Expert Witness services in the area of Aquatics Safety an Water Rescue in matters pertaining to Drowning, Aquatic Injury, Lifesaving, Lifeguards and Lifeguarding, Surveillance, Rescu Procedures, Incident Prevention, Victim Recognition, Lifeguard Training.
London Associates International
Objective Assessments, Consultations, Reports, and Expert Witness Services
Magna Legal Services
Mallar Law Consulting
Management and law consultants.
Marcum llp
Certified Public Accountants and Consultants providing litigation support: accounting, auditing, business damages, white collar crime.
MMR Strategy Group
MMR Strategy Group is a research based consulting firm providing support for Intellectual Property (IP) litigation through objective research and expert testimony. We provide market research, independent opinions, and expert witness services for litigation topics related to consumers, brands, market communications, marketing and sales practices and business economics.
Nacomex USA, Inc
Computer Valuation Analysis and Consulting
National Association of Forensic Economics
National Center for Forensic Science
Noble Directory of Experts
NLJ Experts
15,000 experts, expert witnesses, investigators, court reporters, consultants, and litigation support professionals. Search by category or keyword.
Jim O'Boyle
Certified Safety Professional with over thirty years of progressively more responsible safety experience. Over nineteen years with a major elevator company as Director of Safety and Codes.
O'Donnell Consulting Engineering, Inc.
Mechanical engineering and metallurgy expert witnesses.
Oman Consulting
provides expert analysis and testimony in automobile and industrial accidents
Omni Video
Omni Video, the pioneer of video in litigation, has over 35 years of experience in producing pre-trial and trial videos for litigation. Enhancement, blow-ups, authentication and testimony of all types of video is provided and their 100% admitted into evidence rate assures you of credible trial exhibits.
OSHAware, Inc.
Work related injuries, falls, OSHA, general industry and construction accidents.
J.L. Pierson & Co.
Expert in Business Valuations
Phil J. O'Keefe, P.E.
Engineering Expert
Stuart Soffer, Forensic Computer Science Expert Witness
Public Utility Home Page
Quality Transcript
Audio to text transcription services
Reddy's Forensic Page Links
Restaurant Expert Witness
Ruben Anders Scientific
Specializes in providing scientific expert testimony and consulting of the highest caliber. Scientists include a Nobel Prize winner and others preeminent in their fields.
Rehman Technology Services, Inc.
Expert testimony in the areas of: Child Exploitation, Computers, Oomputer Forensics, Online Services, The Internet, and Electronic Surveillance.
Round Table Group
Connecting Litigators to Expert Witnesses
Rocky Mountain Instrumental Laboratories, Inc.
Forensic Toxicology, Serology, Gunshot Residue and Fire Debris Analysis
Dan Rohling and Associates
Consulting and expert witness for the funeral industry to include embalming procedures and regulations, crematory procedures and regulation, cemeteries procedures and regulations-- nationwide.
The Safe Child Program
Expert witness services: assess cases, provide opinions and testimony in the area of child abuse (sexual, physical, emotional) and neglect. Broad experience in institutional abuse including day care, schools, youth organization, churches and foster care.
Transcript Divas
New Yorks leading research, academic and media organizations use Transcript Divas for their Transcription Services. Not only are we the most affordable transcription company in the US, we are also the only US Transcription Service to offer a 200% guarantee on our time lines and accuracy.
Safety Engineer Page
This site provides useful information about an expert witness available to testify at trial.
Saponaro, Inc
Saponaro is chosen by attorneys, insurance professionals, and other private and public agencies for expert witnesses.
SEAK Inc. National Directory of Expert Witnesses
1,000+ experts in more than 6,000 categories. Free to search. Both online and print.
Michael D. Sidman, Ph.D.
Engineering Consultant, Expert witness in intellectual property and technology related litigation
Solender Group Inc.
Forensic Construction Defect Experts
Sensimetrics Corporation.
Expert witness in forensic analysis of sound recordings and speech, voice identification, testing of integrity of sound recordings, enhancement of sound recordings, preparation and authentication of transcripts.
Spencer Engineers, Inc.
Technical Advisory Service For Attorneys
Over 7,000 Categories of Experts
Telecom Visions, Inc.
Telecommunications expert with 30 years hands-on experience, including testimony before the FCC.
The Expert Pages
Trial Behavior Consulting Firm
Nationwide Legal Consulting Services
Turvey, Brent E.
MS Forensic Science. Mr. Turvey has participated as a forensic scientist and criminal profiler for both law enforcement and attorney clients around the United States. Qualified in court as an expert in criminal profiling, crime scene analysis, crime reconstruction, offender signature analysis and victimology.
serves clients in all areas of corporate law and litigation, including intellectual property, technology, labor and employment, government contracts.
Visual Expert
Expert witness for accidents involving human error in vision, perception and attention: highway, signs and displays, ligibility, lighting, recognition, warnings, computer interfaces, etc. Intellectual property disputes where visual similarity is at issue.
Vocational Economics Inc.
Provide Expert Testimony on Lost Earnings
Provides innovative and effective intervention services for at-risk youth and families.
Wade Industries
Attorney Fee Audits, Legal Cost Containment
Walsh Pfeffer Co.
Securities dispute case evaluators and expert witnesses.
Welch Consulting
Leading consulting firm in economics and statistics.
Workers' Compensation Forum
The Wilmington Institute Network
Nation's Leading Trial Consulting Firm
Ralph Witherspoon, CCP
consulting with attorneys on premises liability negligent security type cases.
Wreck Check Assessments of Boston
Diminished Value Assessments on collision damaged vehicles.
WWW Virtual Library: Forensic Toxicology
Zeno's Forensic Page
Perry J. Zucker, Ltd.
Engineers providing technical reports, pre-trial preparation, and expert witness testimony concerning vehicle accidents (reconstruction), traffic violation, product liability, and general accident cases. FREE phone conferences.

Private Investigators

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Background Information Searches
Beauregard Investigations & PI Directory
We are a full service investigative agency located in Southern California. Please call us to speak to a qualified investigator for exact rates and available services
Richard Brown Investigations
Bureau of Private Investigation
Experienced in criminal law, constitutional law, civil rights, administrative law, and civil law. Serving the Islands of Hawaii.
Discovery Services Private Investigations
Private investigators are licensed, bonded and insured in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
Duncan Investigations
Serving individuals, insurance companies, law firms, national organizations and all levels of government.
Environmental Investigator
Professional Private Investigation and Risk Protection Group providing comprehensive investigative and intelligence services to their Asia and International clients like Law-firms, Asia Process Servers, Asia Private Investigators and other private individuals in all part of Asia.
Hernandez Investigations and Research
Investigative research to business and the legal profession in California and Oregon.
Intercept Investigations
Private investigators, consultants, and sales of of investigation, surveillance, security, counterfeit detection and countermeasures equipment worldwide.
Inter-Pro Investigations
Private Investigator, New York. Det. Augustine Papay, Jr. (ret. NYPD) former Internal Affairs and Homicide investigator is located in Port Jervis, New York (800) 963-8164.
Investigative Consultants International
Corporate investigations.
JL & Associates, Ltd
Private Investigation
Oklahoma Private Investigators Association
a database of private investigators in Oklahoma. Online all-inclusive resource dedicated to private investigation.
PI Resources and Locator
Private Investigators from LexisNexis
Private Security and Intelligence Agency
Global security intelligence agency, personal protection, body guards, detectives, communication security, and network security.
Texas Association of Licensed Investigators
A non-profit Texas corporation with links to TALI members on the web and available for hire throughout the state of Texas.

Attorney Litigation & Support

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conference call services and with secure transcriptions
ADV Trial Monitoring
"When you can't be there... we can. Live, in-court observance provides the client with critical information needed to strategize for the next day."
Provides translation and language services in over 50 languages
Alt Law
Provide legal documents scanning and photocopying we also manage the work with speed and With secure facilities in the Cities and the Legally, Services are most of the UK law companies and also for outsourcing.
Animators at Law
Courtroom Computer Animation and Graphics.
Armstrong Forensic Engineers
Our qualified, credible experts investigate causes of accidents and deliver accurate, easy to understand analysis of complex technical problems.
Excel Transcriptions
"From general transcription to specialized and highly customized transcriptions, we are adept with all kinds of transcriptions and deliver results in a flawless manner each time."
Global Lingual: Professional Legal Transcription
Global Lingo offer the most accurate and fast legal transcription services in the UK
Haard Translating Services
Company located in Miami specializes in Judicial Interpreters / Translators for: Trials, depositions, hearings, worker´s compensation cases.
Handwriting & Document Examiner
Reed C. Hayes, cde.
Legal Solutions.....World Wide! Honest directory and Reliable lawyer. Presence in more than 220 countries and 1050 cities as well as intensive presence in India.
Interestate Process Servers
J.D. Owned and Operated- Interstate Process Servers is the choice for your service needs for North Carolina process serving.
Korean Translation Services
"We are a Korean language translation company located in the Washington, DC area. We provide translation of legal, medical and engineering documents between Korean and English."
LA Reporters
Court reporting in Los Angeles
Legal questions, answers, and research.
Lawyer's Guide to Cross Cultural Depositions
From All Language
Legal Language Service
These services include service of process, translation, interpreting, etc.
Legal Translations
Translation of commercial, corporate and corporate documents
Legal Translations and Interpretation Tips
Tips from Language Alliance that can affect your law firm's reputation.
Marcum llp
Certified Public Accountants and Consultants providing litigation support: accounting, auditing, business damages, white collar crime.
Marcus Business Services.
We provide Arabic/English translation services to law professionals.
National Court Reporters Association
National Network of Reporting Companies(NNRC)
The National Network of Reporting Companies, NNRC, provides national court reporter scheduling, legal video services, nationwide deposition scheduling, and video conferencing rooms across North America and Europe.
James Allan Natte, Ph.D.
Forensic Psychophysiology Using the Polygraph
Neville's Forensic Art Service
A website dedicated to the services provided by the forensic artist.
Northshore Process Service
Nationwide Process Servers & Skip Tracers.
Onecle Sample Contracts
provides various sample contracts
Alan M. Perlman, PhD.
Forensic Linguistics: Linguistics Ph.D. provides analysis of language of questioned documents, wills, contracts, etc., and offers expert opinion on authorship and on the meaning of particular words, phrases, clauses.
Point Alpha Associates
Registered California Process Servers. Located in Poway California and serving all of San Diego County
Process Service Network
Process servers anywhere in the world, specializing in "hard-to-serve" and international cases.
Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN)
"The Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN) is the largest trade organization representing professionals in the public record industry. With more than 500 members that retrieve documents from local government agencies in nearly 48 states and 2,000 counties nationwide, PRRN Members are recognized as the nation's leaders in local public record searching and document retrieval."
Quality Transcript
iSource Inc, a company operating out of Diamond Bar, California, has always been at the forefront of providing quality services to the Dissertation Transcriptions Community. Their own transcription platform RRACS, which had been developed specifically to cater to the needs of radiologists has been well-liked by them. Besides this, their expertise over other PACS systems and a thoroughly dedicated Dissertation Transcriptions team has ensured that they are the first choice of many Dissertation Centers.
Questioned Document Examination Page
Learn about the theories, applications, equipment, cases and other aspects of forensic document and handwriting examination.
Research Associates
General legal research for the legal profession, cites to appellate briefs, expert preparation, and you control time and cost.
RIL Translations
Res Ipsa Ltd legal translations, based in London, offers quick, efficient and accurate legal translation services to clients with tight deadlines.
Litigation graphics for the Construction and Environmental Industries
Thinktwice, Inc.
Visual Communications for Litigation. Provides a full range of graphics services for all stages of litigation, including pleadings, pre-trial hearings, ADR and trials. Services include strategic planning, story development, display boards, fully-rendered animations, video and multimedia presentations.
Transcription Outsourcing, LLC
The professional and reliable transcription services will bring overall improvements to your bottom line profits and save you time. With an accuracy rating of 98.5% or higher, our transcriptionists strive for perfection on any document we produce.
Transcription Services US
Transcription Services US offers best transcription services at affordable transcription rate in the industry. Transcription Services US is available 24/7 to discuss about your transcription projects.
Custom color graphics and enlargements.
Verbal Fusion provides 100% U.S.-based transcription services with a 99% accuracy guarantee. We also offer editing services with editors skilled in both Bluebook and ALWD legal citation.
The Virtual Chase
A Research Site for Legal Professionals
Securities Litigation
A research tool for securities litigation providing in-depth information in securities litigation and legal risk management.
Yorkson Legal
Yorkson Legal is a legal staffing and recruiting firm that provides quality attorneys, paralegals, and legal support staff on a temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire basis.

Law Practice Management Services

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Accountability Services, Inc.
Legal cost control and auditing financials
Accounting Services
Amicus Capital Services LLC
Focuses on financial services tailored to law firms and business of law
Axsen - Legal Web Design
Web Design and Hosting for Legal Professionals.
Bradley-Huggins Consulting Group
Law Practice Management Consulting
Ronald O. Brown
Network and IT consulting.
Capitol District Information, Inc.
Document retrieval industry; specialists at finding the information you need.
Credit and Collection Tools on the Internet
San Diego-based credit and collection site which features the best Internet tools for credit professionals. Sponsored by the Law Office of Mark P. Krones.
College Hill Internet Consultants
Internet Consulting and Web Design
Internet Business Law Services (IBLS)
"IBLS is the leader in keeping everyone who uses the Internet apprised of the global laws and regulations that affect their online experience. It empowers business and legal professionals to design successful internet strategies by bringing them the global knowledge of internet business rules and regulations written by legal experts around the world."
Infocache Corporation
Infocache Corporation is a New York City-based data management services company providing customized litigation support and data entry services to the legal, healthcare, e-publishing, new media, and educational sectors.
Your legal automation specialists. Save time and money with quality, low-cost contracts.
Legal Video
Lennovate offers professional development and provide information and educational resources to legal industry.
Majux Digital Marketing
Majux Marketing is a company that functions as a full-service outsourced marketing company for attorneys and law firms of all sizes.
PaperStreet Web Design
Web design for law firms and legal professionals
Focused exclusively on law firm website design and promotion. Our websites are expertly designed to build your law practice.
Procounsel Consultancy & Training
Human relations consultancy and training in the commercial and public sectors.
English transcription services by US, UK and Australia Native Transcriptionists. High Quality, Affordable and Secure transcription services offered at Voxtab.